Marylène Corro

Marylène Corro



Embracing harmony & groove, the organic and bright music of Marylène Corro combines soul, jazz and the colors of the world. The Belgian-Chilean singer is inspired by artists such as Lianne La Havas, Gretchen Parlato, Norah Jones, Mayra Andrade and Esperanza Spalding.

She released her first single "Flavour" in June 2020, the second « Le coeur léger" the 2 of october and the EP will be released in the fall. A wild poetry which takes you on a journey and a voice that warms the soul.  

Her journey (long version):

As a baby she used to wake up her brothers when she was singing in her bed. At school, she was part of any show. She spent her free time in all types of courses such as dancing, piano, theater, and musicals. She had the opportunity to appear on stage frequently. At that time she was a fan of French chansons and she particularly performed on the songs of Edith Piaf. 

When she had to choose her future studies, she was hesitating between an artistic career and a study that would permit her to defend the less privileged people and she undertook finally the legal university studies to become a lawyer.

During her university years, she participated in a theater team for improvisation, she was singing in various musical groups (going from rock, with "Hedonism", to blues) ; she continued her dancing lessons and participated the organization of live music sessions at the university. She also had the opportunity to follow intensive musical lessons at the Cours Florent in Paris.


After university, she decided to take one year to study Jazz in Antwerp at the Jazz Studioschool, where she discovered Jazz and all other related music styles such as Bossa Nova, Funk, Soul and Blues. She participated at the summer school organized by Berklee College of music in Italy in the "Umbria Jazz Festival Clinics". At this occasion she received the singers award "In recognition of outstanding musicianship".


After those 6 years of studies she launched her career as a lawyer with a 3 years first period. She worked in the field of immigration laws and found it very passionate.


At the same time she continued singing with "Acoustic Association", a jazzy-blues group and after that she created her own project group "What the Funk" with 6 musicians, playing Funk music, one of her favorites!


In May 2015 she decided to travel and discover North and South America for a year. Quickly, when she arrived in New York, her objective became to meet musicians everywhere and take inspiration from all these different types of music. She was singing in any live music sessions she could such as: Sugar bar, founded by Ashford&Simpson,  Williamsburg Music Center owned by Gerry EastmanSmalls Jazz ClubFat Cat Jazz Club,  Cleopatra's NeedleJalopy TheatreBar ChordsMezzrow Jazz Club,  Rue B & Arturo's. She decided to stay all the summer and attended workshops with the pianist Barry Harris or with Rick Mc Laine in Smalls Jazz Club. The chance was also given to record six songs with an amazing doublebassist, Ray Parker. She went down to Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, Nashville, California and has been fascinated by the various music styles she found on her way. She continued to enlarge her horizon by travelling to South America.  

Her interest in latin music was already important. Colombia beat her expectations. She met wonderfull musicians and had an intensive class with the colombian singer Mirabay Montoya Gómez in Medellin. After almost 2 months in Colombia, she travelled in the stunning nature of PERU before arriving in her second home: CHILE. In Santiago, she attended a very interesting workshop in Escuela Moderna música y Danza about Dalcroze rhythmic. After that, she went back on the roads to discover Argentina for a month with her good friend Elia Fragione, talented singer that she met at the school Jazz Studio years ago. 

Afterwards, Marylène decided to settle 3 months in Buenos Aires. In that artistically booming city she had the chance to study with Martha Millán and Leticia Caramelli. With the first one, she studied the popular Argentinian music (tango and folklore). With the second one, intensive vocal technique. She also attended a Brazilian music workshop with Mariana Grisiglione and Cassia Pereira. Beside that, she worked on compositions with the talented Argentinian songwriter Florencia Ruiz

She also had the huge privilege to meet the magnificent Ricardo Pellican, one of the most influent Argentinian guitarist of jazz Manouche. He invited her to perform at the Festival International Django Argentina, of which he is the founder and organiser, and for a concert of his trio in "La dama de bollini", a historical live music venue of Buenos Aires. 

Back to Belgium, Marylène attended intensive jazz workshops (AKDT and Jazzcursus Dworp) with well-known musicians of the Belgian jazz scene such as Barbara Wiernieck, Laurence SatielIgor Gehenot,  Alain Pierre, Maarten Weyler, and foreign musicians: Serge Lazarevitch (France), John Baboian (Berklee College of music), Justin Binek (UCT Texas) and Kristen Cornwell (Australia). 

After this intensive jazz summer, she continues to learn Jazz next to Philippe LaloyMarie-Sophie TalbotGuillaume ViersetOlivier Colette, Toine Thys and follows vocal technique with her Master Fabrice Pillet. She also went back to her band,"What the Funk!" and performed on the Jyva'zikFestival. In parallel, she extended her repertoire by multiplying stage experience and private events. She had the chance to share concerts with Renaud DardenneRenaud CrolsBruno CastelluciMargaux Vranken, Fil CaporaliIgor Gehenot et le The Blue Train Big Band. She create a Trio with the guitarist Joel Rabesolo, from Madagascar, and Guillaume Malempré, with a jazz/world/groove repertoire. 

After a year back in Belgium, discovering the jazz belgian scene and in constant thirst of exchanges and learning, she decided to try the test for acceptance in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, which she succeeded. She started the studies in September 2017.

Curious of all kind of experiences, Marylène did give a try to TV competition "The voice Belgique", Season 7 (2018). She interpreted there “Bobby Mc Gee” of Janis Joplin. After that, “Do it like a dude” of Jessie J. And finally, "Fly Away" de Lenny Kravitz.

She continues singing at various concerts and private events. She performs a trio with Joel Rabesolo and Guillaume Malempré, another trio with Martin Salémi and Victor Foulon. She has given a Jazz concert in the Jazz Club of Mazy - "JAZZ 9" with Igor Gehenot, Guillaume Malempré and Guiseppe Millaci ; she performed also at the Brussels Music Village Jazz Club with Pete Churchill.

She participated with a French vocal group, directed by Fabrice Pillet, for the Flemish musical comedy 40-45music of Will Tura and Steve Willaert.

She started to do some educational work with the organization ASBL REMUA, whose objective is to bring music to children. Marylene teaches Jazz in normal schools.

She had the hugh honor to sing in Nov 2018 with the Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force in La Hulpe for the commemoration of 100 years of the end of World War I.

Another collaboration is with Gary Celnik (Aka Hapaxx). Their music has been recorded and a video clip was released.

From September 2018 she has founded together with the saxophonist Stéphane Mercier, a new project with own compositions. A video teaser was released and the group is programmed in the Brussels Music Village Jazz Club in May 2019.       

After 2 singles; "Flavour" the 26yh of june and "Le coeur léger", the 2nd of october, her first EP (5 tracks) will be released the 27th of november.

The releases concerts has been postponed in march 2021.